How to activate your $20 Gift Card

Congratulations, you’ve bagged yourself a $20 gift card to spend at Warners Bay Village.

Once you receive your SMS message, follow our step-by-step guide below to activate your $20 gift card.


  1. Open the SMS that will come from ‘The Card Network’.
  2. Click on the link within the SMS.
  3. Download the TCN (The Card Network) phone app by following the prompts – this will allow you to claim your gift card!
  4. To activate the TCN gift card, you will need to verify it via text message. Follow the prompts to receive the confirmation code via SMS, and enter it when asked.
  5. Your gift card will now display within the TCN App.
  6. In order to use the gift card, you will now need to add it to your device’s mobile wallet, alongside other saved cards and tickets.
    If you set up a digital wallet for the first time, you will need to return to the TCN (The Card Network) app once installed, and follow the prompt to add the gift card to your wallet.
    Many devices already have a digital wallet set up. If you do not have a digital wallet enabled, click the appropriate link below for instructions on how to set up on your device.
  1. You’re now ready to go! The downloaded card has ‘tap & go’ functionality for use in-store. At the time of purchase, navigate to your digital wallet, and use the card to pay at the terminal.